• By register in our web mean you agree our TERMS AND RULES willingly.

  • You are buying an intangible services (phone Unlocking service) doesn't required Shipping.

  • There is no refund ones your phone unlock unless you have strong proof that your phone not Unlocked.

  • There is no refund for bad requset (If choose wrong service) or phone already Unlocked.

  • There is no refund for SAMSUNG codes because our result source from SAMSUNG company and there is no chance for mistake (Check your phone if rooted or phone doesn't require code).

  • Services Unlock time is estimated time, If order delay by unexpected case we cant cancel the order till our source release the order.

  • If your payment method is paypal you have to print this TERMS AND RULES and sign on it with your full name as paypal name and resend with your pasport photo,card id,etc to our email [email protected]


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